IN MEMORY OF DR. YE, Duzheng 叶笃正院士 Academician (1916-2013) 
 Inst. of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

深切缅怀---中国科学院 大气物理所 叶笃正院士

Presented by--Roger J. CHENG- ASRC UALBANY SUNY

纽约州立大学,大气科学研究中心 郑均华研究员

It was my great honor of accompanying Dr. YE & his delegation

during their official visiting (early 1980),

to The Atmospheric Science Research Center (ASRC), University at Albany,

  • by the invitation of Dr. Vincent J. Schaefer & Dr. Bernard Vonnegut.

At DR. YE's request, we made the trip to the ASRC’s. Field Research Station,in the White Face Mt of New York State.

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